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[Norrath] Sidyana

 Post subject: [Norrath] Sidyana
PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 5:15 am 

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Full Name: Sidyana Dreadsong
Also known as: Sid, Sidy

Biographical Information:

    Class: Dirge
    Level (if any): 58
    Level of power in character: Her physical strength is not great, though she makes up for it in speed and agility.

    Race: Arasai
    Gender: female
    Date of Birth:
    Age: young as far as arasai go
    Hair: white with a tint of light blue
    Skin: fair
    Eyes: bright blue
    Height: 2 1/2 ft
    Weight:30 lbs

    Physical appearance: Her coloring often causes people to mistake her for a fae. Pale silvery grey wings, fair skin and light hair.

    Fashion of Choice: a lightweight black gi. she saw it on a monk once and decided it looked cool
    Armor of Choice: none
    Weapons of Choice: Several daggers, two visable ones on her hips though many hidden on her person

    Place of Residence:
    Place of Birth: Neriak

    Relatives: Several siblings all of which refuse to be associated with sucha bubbly arasai
    Enemies: plenty

    Occupation: Lockpick, terrible dirge

    History: Sidyana was always the annoying child, bouncing from one teacher to the next till finally they booted her out the door to survive on her own. It wasnt terribly hard seeing as how nothing seemed to really get the Arasai down. Contrary to her race's typical demenor and attitude Sid was always bright, loud and annoying. She figures it was because she was dropped so often as a child. It wasn't long before she attached herself to Reszeld and for whatever reason he hasn't given her the boot.

    Noted abilities: excellent baker, can pick even the most complicated of locks


    Alignment: chaotic neutral
    Motivations: food, pats on the head
    Disposition: cheery, bright, loud,
    Outlook: No matter the situation there is always some good in it that can be smiled at.


    Sexuality: thats a no no word

    Positive Personality Traits:loyal, good at keeping secrets(go figure)
    Negative Personality Traits:loud, annoying
    Other Quirks:


    Guild Rank:
    Faction Association:
    Faction Association:
    Faction Association:


    Likes:sweets, bright colors, all manner of creatures
    Dislikes: bitter things

    Favorite Foods: anything sugary
    Favorite Drinks: raspberry juice

    Hobbies: annyoing Reszeld

Misc & Vanity:

    Played by What Famous Person:

    Character Images / References:

    Music Links:

 Post subject: Re: Sidyana
PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:33 pm 

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The dark elf carefully, carefully rearranged the tiny metal blades in their respective places, cleaning each one with obsessive care before returning it to its place in the line.

"Of course," he exhaled. "Sidyana." He gestured openly at the strewn-about contents of the desk-drawer lying on the floor at his feet and repeated, "Sidyana. This is Sidyana. Things everywhere. Nothing in place. Absolute chaos. Did she 'borrow"' something? Who knows. Will I find out? Absolutely. It is like living with a -- with a hive of ferrets. One day it's please, help, Reszeld, I've been turned into a turkey. The next she thanks me by plundering. Tomorrow it will be please, save me, I've been eaten by a mimic. Why does she think these things happen to her? There is a complete disassociation between cause and effect in her empty little head. Leave that on the desk. You may go."

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