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[Norrath] Ravenroost

 Post subject: [Norrath] Ravenroost
PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:47 am 

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Full Name: Ravenroost
Also known as: ”Ogre”, “Big Guy”, “You There”

Biographical Information:

    Class: Brawler
    Level (if any): 27
    Level of power in character: Still learning how to channel an immense inner will.

    Race: Ogre
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: Unknown, unimportant
    Age: Unknown, unimportant
    Hair: Short and yellow
    Skin: Dark blue-green
    Eyes: Amber
    Height: Somewhere around ten feet
    Weight: Quarter-ton or so

    Physical appearance: Ravenroost is solid like a mountain, his features iron-hard and weather-beaten from what could be decades of enduring the elements. He bears dozens of scars and marks all over his typically bare, muscled torso – but his most prominent and striking features are a massive tattoo of a curious circular glyph that covers his entire back, and deeply gouged claw scars dug into his shoulders. His face is unfortunately shaped, like all ogres, but where most bear mindless cruelty and savagery in the eyes and the grin, Ravenroost is impassive and granite-like.

    Fashion of Choice: A simple pair of cloth pants, and a broad-brimmed rice hat to keep the rain and sun off.
    Armor of Choice: Only a pair of simple leather bracers securing his wrists and forearms.
    Weapons of Choice: He carries none.

    Place of Residence: Vagrant
    Place of Birth: Unknown, unimportant.

    Relatives: None known.
    Enemies: Probably many. Few, if any, trouble him enough to be notable.
    Allies: Rezseld T’Varas, for now.

    Occupation: Bodyguard, lifter of heavy things, official threatening presence.

    History: Ravenroost has been wandering for as long has he can remember, and even if he were interested in explaining how it is he has become a center of calm rather than a ravening force of nature, he would not be able to. Nor could he explain why, at night, the ravens come to him to roost upon his broad shoulders.

    Noted abilities: Weaponless combat, including the use of ki to fuel quasi-magical elemental prowess.


    Alignment: Neutral evil.
    Motivations: Unknown but to him. “Dinner and rest” feature prominently when asked.
    Disposition: Cynical, especially when it comes to the motivations of others. Quiet and calm, and keenly aware of the sense of menace that a huge quiet looming man can inspire in others. Unafraid of most things.
    Outlook: ”Que sera sera” to the point of absurdity.

    Religion/Philosophy: Beyond a token nod to Rallos Zek, his religion and philosophy is deeply tied to himself, and perfection of the personal spirit.

    Sexuality: Rarely if ever important.

    Positive Personality Traits: Implacable, unswerving in pursuit of the task at hand. Slow to anger, quick to smirk.
    Negative Personality Traits: Unreliable in the sense of “someday he might wander off and leave us here to die”. Smug. Complete disregard for mortal life.
    Other Quirks: None of note.


    Guild: None in character.
    Guild Rank:
    Faction Association:
    Faction Association:
    Faction Association:


    Likes: Thunderstorms, good beer, silence, mountains.
    Dislikes: Small enclosed spaces, ghosts.

    Favorite Foods: Things that are cooked.
    Favorite Drinks: Strong beer, or cold water.

    Hobbies: Being discovered in strange or impossible places, like “wedged into an empty keg” or “on top of a flagpole”.

Misc & Vanity:

    Played by What Famous Person:

    Character Images / References:

    Music Links:

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