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[M3369] William Lee Swan

 Post subject: [M3369] William Lee Swan
PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:33 am 

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No, no. This morphine ain't for you.

Full Name: William Lee Swan
Also known as: Billy Lee, Bill, Doc

Biographical Information:

    Class: Doctor
    Level of power in character: No superhuman abilities. Little skill beyond a steady hand and medical knowledge.

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: May 16th, 3342
    Age: 27
    Hair: Black.
    Skin: Olive-skinned.
    Eyes: Light brown.
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 130lbs

    Physical appearance: Bill is a young man made gaunt by the land and the peoples inhabiting her. His hands are rougher than a doctor's hands should be, and the good doctor seems little bothered by the state of his short, unruly hair. He carries himself with an air of certain education as well as a stiff back, and does well to keep himself clean of the trail dust and blood that comes from treating settlers and their animals.

    Notable Clothing & Accessories: An overly starched dress-shirt done up behind a twill vest with a short, plain-coloured bow tie and dusty black slacks tucked around boots make the most of Bill's uniform nowadays. If he's feeling particularly colourful, he's not one against showcasing his attitude through wearing a well-worn black bowler.
    Notable Armaments: A black leather doctor's bag, with all essential tools. A one-shot pistol in the crook of one arm for personal safety.

    Place of Residence: An established office in the small town of Pigeon Hole.
    Place of Birth: Oxbridge, Mars.

    Known Relatives: Father, Jeremiah Swan. Mother, Elizabeth Harris, deceased.
    Known Allies: Citizens of Pigeon Hole and surrounding area, various citizens of Oxbridge. Father Clyde Burton. Deputy Frank Marshall. Citizens in surrounding settlements.
    Known Enemies: Outlaws Glen Rhodes & Shane Meyer. Bounty Hunter G. Lincoln

    Occupation: A simple physician, nothing more.

    History: William Lee Swan was born into an upstanding, privileged family in the city of Oxbridge, a settlement just barely in the shadow of New Rome, to politician Jeremiah Swan and his young wife, Elizabeth Harris. The birth was seen as both a blessing and a curse by the Swan household; while the good Rep. Swan's popularity ratings rose at seeing the older man and his beautiful boy, dear Elizabeth's health slowly declined in the years following- wasting away to nothing before young Bill's eyes, and ultimately passing on sometime before the boy's 8th birthday.

    His father, incapable of juggling both the raising of a young boy and his occupation, opted to enlist young Bill into Oxbridge's Academy for Boys in the hopes that the military lean would serve Bill for the best, and serve well it did. While Bill's performance in the Academy was little to write home about for all things political or athletic, the boy showed a remarkable aptitude for the medical arts and an exceptional ability for scouting terrain, things that would get him noticed and eventually recruited into the Ranger unit 'The Ten' at the age of 17.

    The Ten was little more than a glorified border patrol unit of ten hand-picked specialists under the command of one Samuel Leon, a man not much older than Bill himself. But for Bill, The Ten was something like what he'd read in pamphlets back in the Academy: Exciting, find Adventure and experience the wastelands all 'round! But a mere two years into patrols and training alongside The Ten, the unit would hit a snag -- enlisted by a high-ranking official of a nearby town to clear out an encampment of particularly unfriendly long-term settlers, The Ten were forced deeper into Martian territory than initially planned. They were soon stranded in unfamiliar territory, and Samuel Leon was sadly lost to a guerilla attack on their camp during the night by one particularly brutal settler. With little direction and the realization dawning on them that the settlers surrounded them and knew the landscape far better, the remaining Ten had to fight and sneak their way back towards civiliation.

    Bill saw firsthand many of his compatriots deaths, and was the one to treat them for their malnutrition during the harsh trek back to civilized people. What should have been a quick contract took them two months due to poor leadership, infighting, and terrain turning their team around in circles, and their lives quickly fell apart. The remaining Ten were disbanded following Bill's report on their mental health. To add insult to injury, upon Bill's return to Oxbridge, he would discover his fiancee, one Miss Delilah Mercy, married to another man in his absence.

    Out of shame and anger, Bill left Oxbridge, the Rangers, and his former life behind and rode as far as he could before collapsing in Pigeon Hole. He has spent the last seven years building up a reputation as The Good Doctor, and he isn't intent on being seen as otherwise.


    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Motivations: Duty. Stability.
    Disposition: Bitter. Wry.
    Outlook: Cynical.

    Religion/Philosophy: Former Roman Catholic, non-practicing.

    Sexuality: Uninterested.
    Relationship Status: Single.

    Positive Personality Traits: Compassionate. Diligent.
    Negative Personality Traits: Arrogant. Judgemental. Selfish.

Miscellaneous Information:

    Likes: Dogs. Full stores of medications. Full night's sleep. Treating patients. A clean shave.
    Dislikes: Politicians. Officials. New Rome. Flesh-rot smell. Being dirty.

    Favorite Foods: Carne asada.
    Favorite Drinks: Clean water.

    Hobbies: Reading.

OOC & Vanity:

    The Actor That'd Play Them Is: Image

    Music Links:

    OOC Notes: Does not take kindly to being called "Will".

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