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[Norrath] Reszeld

 Post subject: [Norrath] Reszeld
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"What happens now?"
"Now? Let's go practice medicine."

Full Name: Reszeld T'Varas, Zeksworn
Also known as: Rez, and unwillingly, "Reszelf"


    Level: 64
    Class: Templar
    Level of power in character: Moderate. Reszeld is a capable and effective healer. His techniques are quick and efficient, overcoming great wounds (often at the price of great pain). He has no affinity for the arcane outside of what has been bestowed upon him through his faith, and wields very limited physical ability.
    He also retains an extensive knowledge of scientific medicine which he supplements with what he is granted by his God.

    Race: Teir'dal / Dark Elf
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: He's never spoken of it.
    Age: He's never spoken of it, but he is an adult.
    Hair: White, and shorn unusually short. Never more than an inch or two long.
    Skin: A dark blue-grey.
    Eyes: Very pale grey.
    Height: 5'7''
    Weight: 165 lbs

    Physical appearance: Reszeld is just a little larger than is common for an elf -- enough to consider him unattractively so, by elven standards. He is broader of shoulder, sturdier, heavier, thicker about the waist. While he retains a certain elven grace, his features are plain and a little unfortunate. His face is sharp and severe: narrow-eyed with a stark brow and thin lips that nonetheless generally favour a sort of smile. He has no memorable scars or tattoos.

    Fashion of Choice: When out of armour, he dresses practically, ypically in a dark pocketed surcoat.
    Armor of Choice: A worn suit of ebon plate with bronzed edging.
    Weapons of Choice: Reszeld carries a mace and shield when the need arises, which is very rarely.

    Place of Residence: None.
    Place of Birth: He's never spoken of it.

    Relatives: One brother, supposedly estranged.
    Enemies: None of note.
    Allies: None of note.

    Occupation: Itinerant priest. Surgeon. Healer.

    History: He rarely speaks of his conversion or his life before it. He has served as a Nerian field medic and chaplain, but ultimately left the City's service all together and became an itinerant priest.

    Noted abilities: If he is known at all, it is only for his healing.


    Alignment: Lawful evil.
    Motivations: Service to his Faith. Momentary flashes of personal power and indulgence.
    Disposition: Cool and calculating with a wry sense of humour. Pragmatic. A strategist, he will approach most problems slowly and cautiously. He holds a careful control of his temper and the influence of his god.
    Outlook: Stoic in the face of difficulty. Otherwise a content (and therefore optimistic) fatalist.

    Religion/Philosophy: Reszeld is a devout and at times ecstatic convert of Rallos Zek. His faith and the word of his god consistently lead his behaviour. He is well aware that his theology is a radical one, and as he prefers to continue spreading it, he is discrete and rarely or never evangelical in large cities and public settings.
    His personal philosophy often suffers - when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    Sexuality: Violent.

    Positive Personality Traits: Outgoing. Clever. Unwaveringly loyal as an ally. Driven. Can be very altruistic.
    Negative Personality Traits: Proud, single-minded, unsympathetic. Cold. Manipulative. Will revel in violence.
    Misc. Quirks: None of note.


    Guild: None in character.
    Guild Rank: -
    Faction Association: Gorowyn - indifferent
    Faction Association: Freeport - indifferent
    Faction Association: Neriak - indifferent / apprehensive


    Likes: Cats.
    Dislikes: Large, open spaces. Sea travel. Disorderly objects. Even slightly disorderly objects.

    Favorite Foods: Has an affinity for raw foods. Will not eat red meat.
    Favorite Drinks: Pale ale, bitters, dry cider.
    Favorite Colors: Gold, blue, grey

    Hobbies: An avid collector, he spends his free time organizing and cataloguing.

Misc & Vanity:

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