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 Post subject: Laguna
PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:47 pm 

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"There is a time and a place for tacos. Fortunately, that's all the time and everywhere."

Full Name: Laguna Loire Duskbringer
Also known as: The Tacodin

Biographical Information:

    Class: Paladin (Tacodin Hybrid)
    Level (if any): 85
    Level of power in character: Not powerfully offensive (though some would disagree), but good at taking punches or swords or axes or flaming balls of doom or bolts of frost or soul-draining, demoralizing, and generally unfriendly blasts of darkness, dragons fangs, claws, tails, breath and pretty much anything else trying to hit his allies (or tacos).

    Race: High Elf
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: He doesn't remember. Only his enemies bother keeping track of it anymore.
    Age: 157 years of age
    Hair: Long and black, usually ponytailed to the front
    Skin: Yes, with a fair complexion
    Eyes: Yes, light blue
    Height: 6 feet
    Weight: 185 lbs.

    Physical appearance: Laguna has broad shoulders and thick legs something that makes him stand out a bit from most other elves. Having trained in martial combat, he has tempered his upper body to resist the mightiest attacks and his legs to withstand the fiercest of swipes from a dragon's tail (nothing is more embarrassing than being a hunk of muscle that tips over at the first leg sweep of a tail or spear).

    Notable Clothing & Accessories: Laguna prefers his armor to normal or formal court clothing as they tend to harbor bad memories for him.
    Notable Armaments: Laguna's shield, Veritas, bears the crest of Lordaeron, a gift commissioned when his family helped garner a friendship with the humans. It was originally given to Laguna's younger brother after deciding that Laguna was not worthy to lead the family.

    Place of Residence: Orgrimmar
    Place of Birth: The Blackened Woods (later known as the Ghostlands)

    Known Relatives: Sebahstiuhn (evil twin)
    Known Allies: The Dragons (of Spin) Mercenary Troupe, Pendryn, Yaran Mar'Ulf, Gulthrak, Luminesence, Bloodgrass, Haunted, Mehlar Dawnblade, Uther the Lightbringer (deceased)
    Known Enemies: Bilgewater Underground Response, Retaliation, Investigation and Taco Obliteration Squad (B.U.R.R.I.T.O.S.), Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals (D.E.H.T.A.), Malygos, Dargos Breezebow (old political rival), Garrosh (hates tacos), taco haters

    Occupation: Mercenary Tacodin

    History: Originally raised to be the heir of the Duskbringer dynasty, Laguna wanted for nothing growing up except excitement. Always in trouble for running around, rushing into danger, fighting bullies, Laguna was never good at staying his hand or diplomacy. The spoiled brat life continued much into his mid 30's and it wasn't until troops under his command had been decimated by troll skirmishers and he was taken as a hostage. His younger twin brother, Sebahstiuhn, went in after him with his own troops in a surgical strike that not only saved him, but annihilated the remaining troll encampments in the Blackened Woods It was the last straw for Laguna's parents and his brother's successes had them turn to him as the next heir. Laguna, no longer of use to the family was sent to live among the humans as a "diplomatic exchange of goodwill" where he and Mehlar Dawnblade were recruited into a newly-forming order of knights. Having trained under Uther the Lightbringer in combat and magic, Laguna and Mehlar became one of the first Knights of the Silver Hand. Laguna fought against the Horde in the First and Second War. During the Third War, Laguna was sent home along with Mehlar in order to establish a secondary base for the Order in Silvermoon. After arriving, they received news of Lordaeron's sacking and Uther's death at the hands of the regicidal prince. Barely had they time to gather forces when the [url=http://www.wowwiki.com/Scourge]Scourge attacked. Laguna took to the front lines to help slow the advancing undead while Mehlar assisted in the evacuation. Found under a heap of undead was Laguna's body. Near death, he was taken to the refugee camp and recuperated under the hospitality of surviving priests. As he was recovering, his brother came to visit him. Laguna told him of the Knights of the Silver Hand and of Uther. This interested Sebahstiuhn and Laguna taught him the ways of the Paladin. Before parting ways, Sebahstiuhn gave Laguna Veritas a shield presented to him by the Lords of Lordaeron to commemorate their alliance with the elves. With his mentor gone and he and Mehlar at each other's throats, Laguna left to find his own path.

    He found himself in Orgrimmar as a member of the guard. He quickly moved up the ranks and found himself under the command and martial tutelage of the war hero Yaran Mar'Ulf.

    To Be Continued


    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Motivations: Tacos, helping his friends, tacos
    Disposition: Sunny with a chance of wisecrack
    Outlook: Pretty optimistic, Laguna feels that it's fine to fight fate, but sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Religion/Philosophy: Taco

    Sexuality: As an elf, pretty ambiguous
    Relationship Status: Married

    Positive Personality Traits: Positive, wisecracking, loyal
    Negative Personality Traits: Brash, stubborn, prejudice against taco haters
    Other Quirks: Usually hungry and sometimes missing pants


Miscellaneous Information:

    Likes: Tacos
    Dislikes: Taco Haters

    Favorite Foods: Tacos
    Favorite Drinks: Water

    Hobbies: Cooking, Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, Fishing, pushing Shoth's buttons

OOC & Vanity:

    The Actor That'd Play Them Is: Patrick Swayze

    Character Images or References:

    Music Links:

    OOC Notes:

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