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Reuncia Xiorian

 Post subject: Reuncia Xiorian
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"... The distiller's daughter is that rare breed of woman who has a frown that can brighten up your entire day."

- Ciran Townway

Full Name: Reuncia Xiorian
Also known as:

Biographical Information:

    (OOC) Class: Dragonknight
    (IC) Occupation or Trade: Former heiress, mercenary

    Race: Nibenese
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24

    Hair: Black
    Skin: Tan
    Eyes: A rich and vivid gold
    Height: Slightly taller than average
    Weight: Formerly thin, but quickly filling out.

    Physical appearance: While she is clearly Imperial, Reuncia's facial features are well-defined and angular without being unpleasant, which along with her eyes suggests decent from an old Akaviri line.

    Once she was a true Nibenese beauty, pale and slender; her time in the outside world has stripped her of that haunting elegance. Her face is tanned and frequently sunburned, and her body growing too hard to silkily ripple beneath a kimono. Only her hair seems to have been spared the hardships of a mercenary's life, and is generally kept in a bun.

    Notable Accessories or Armaments:

    Place of Residence: Transient
    Place of Birth: Southern Nibenay Basin

    Known Relatives: One mother and three elder brothers, died from Knahaten Flu when Reunica was very young. One father, recently slain during the Daedric invasion. One younger, sickly brother, Tasellis, whereabouts unknown.
    Known Allies: None
    Known Enemies: Debt collectors from Wayrest seem very interested in her, but find it difficult to operate in Pact territory

    History: The Xiorian family claims decent from the Tsaesci general Yehonisa-Xiorian, an opportunist who became one of the first defectors to Reman Cyrodiil's Second Empire. The truth of this claim is difficult to verify, but the family did become one of the more affluent households in the Nibenay Basin by operating a large distillery on the shores of the Panther River. The Xiorian family produced three liquors for generations: a standard grain whiskey, a true Imperial flin, and an Akaviri drink called shochu. The secrets of brewing the latter was known only to the Xiorian family.

    Reuncia seemed poised to be an heiress for most of her life, enjoying a sheltered existence on the distillery's grounds. However, her home was destroyed by Daedric hordes after the soulburst, and Reuncia fled east into Black Marsh and eventually Morrowind.


    Alignment: True neutral with good tendencies
    Motivations: Reclaiming her land on the Panther River and reestablishing her fortune. Discovering the fate of her brother. She would like to see the Empire reestablished, but doesn't seem to view it as a priority.
    Disposition: Formal and clearly used to being the target of social interactions as opposed to the initiator. She's having trouble adapting to the outside world.
    Outlook: Determined to achieve her goals. Outside those aims, gloomy and increasingly cynical.

    Religion/Philosophy: Once a very devout follower of the Eight, although has lapsed since the start of the war.

    Sexuality: Straight. Has traditional and rather naive views on sex.
    Relationship Status: Once actively being courted. That's on indefinite hiatus.

    Positive Personality Traits: Tremendously dedicated to causes she cares for. Loyal. Well educated in politics and history. More humble than she appears.
    Negative Personality Traits: Gloomy. Unwittingly selfish and self-involved. Willing to trade honor for advancement.
    Other Quirks: Has the appetite and alcohol tolerance of an Orcish chief


    Guild and/or Faction Associations: Fighter's Guild. Redwater Distillery (defunct)

Miscellaneous Information:

    Likes: Hard liquor. Reading. Akaviri curios. Rainy afternoons.
    Dislikes: Most ales. Pointless conflict. Mud. Most Daedra worship.

    Hobbies: Likes to cook. A proficient brewer, but becomes listless and nostalgic while doing so.

OOC & Vanity:

Character Images or References:

Music Links:

OOC Notes: Ray-oon-CHEE-uh SHE-or-ee-on

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