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Character Creation and Game Flow

 Post subject: Character Creation and Game Flow
PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 7:16 pm 

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Character Creation

All players begin the game with 1d4 in all basic skills, and 12 XP which may immediately be assigned to existing basic skills or to new specialized or scholar skills.

Basic skills may be upgraded at the cost of 1 XP per side. No one skill may exceed a value of 10 (1d10 or 2d5) at creation.

Specialized and Scholar skills may be upgraded at the cost of 2 XP per 3 sides. Again, no one skill may exceed a value of 10 (1d10 or 2d5) at creation. New skills are purchased one side at a time beginning at 1d1, and progressing to 1d3 > 1d4 > 1d6 > 1d7 > 1d9 > 1d10 etc.

Note that there is no health or vitality statistic. A character's general toughness and resilience to damage is largely a narrative tool and is subject to the GM and the players' discretion and decisions. Generally speaking, PC characters will not die unless the player consents; however, other disastrous consequences resulting from greivous injury should be expected.

Combat on Mars is expected to be deadly, and should not be undertaken lightly or without thought!

Game Flow

The game is divided into three parts: forum post play, live roleplay, and face-to-face writing roleplay.

Forum post play is the players' time to flesh their own stories out and interact with each other, shaping the world and creating history for their characters and the pieces of Mars that those characters exist in. Players may post both open and closed roleplay sessions. During forum posting, players may assume as much or as little success or failure as their characters' abilities suggest - they may essentially set their own difficulty checks and their own rolls, and shape their stories as they see fit.

Open roleplay invites other players (or NPCs) into the story, and is a fantastic way to create real interactions between characters beyond the dice rolling. Generally speaking, players should bear in mind the traditional rules of interactive roleplay (no god-modding, no griefing, don't be a dick) and give as much serious thought to the personality and abilities of the characters as possible.

Forum roleplay, once a thread has completed, will be evaluated and experience will be awarded both for excellence or generated interest and for the characters' own goals being accomplished (or not, in an interesting way).

Live roleplay sessions play out more like a traditional table-top roleplaying game, and will be used for group roleplay sessions in which the characters set out to achieve a specific goal. Any given goal may take more than one session to achieve. Action results will be determined by dice-rolling, and experience awarded for particular excellence in roleplay, particularly exciting actions taken, and objectives met.

Face-to-face writing roleplay most typically will take place between a GM and a single player, and is essentially a sped-up version of forum posting, with possible dice-rolling required for specific or opposed interactions. Face-to-face writing is used mainly for a character's interactions with a specific NPC or group of NPCs, although it is also acceptable (and encouraged!) for two players to roleplay with each other in such a manner. Logs of face-to-face roleplay with a GM will be posted on the forum and evaluated for experience awards. Similarly, logs of roleplay between players should be posted if the players wish it to be evaluated for experience.

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