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Recruitment: General Information

 Post subject: Recruitment: General Information
PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:49 pm 
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We've been fielding a lot of questions: is your guild application serious? Why are you asking me about this? Do you really expect me to answer these? What if I don't like 3-D dolphins?

Our guild application is as serious as something that's asking you to please write a story about two pokemon fighting can be, and we keep it that way because it works. The way you answer social questions tells us a little bit about you (and gives you a pretty good idea of who we are, too). But just in case you'd like to know more: Spin the Dragon is a Horde guild on the US-Sentinels (RP) server. We've been here for three years, but our officer corp (and some of our raiders) go back much further. At any given time of day our Vent server's hosting someone playing TF2, EverQuest or Minecraft. The rest of us are on Facebook at work asking for help growing imaginary strawberries or something.


While 10-man raiding is our primary focus, raid participation is not required. We're more interested in your personality than your availability. If you're a Decent Dude (or Lady) with demonstrated knowledge of your class -- or a willingness to learn and improve -- we're interested in hearing from you.

We raid two nights a week. If you sign up, you are expected to be available -- either in-game or on Vent. Our raid leaders will often rotate raiders based on the amount of accepted invitations and what specialized classes may be needed for a particular fight. Rotations also occur (primarily on progression content) due to previous raiding experience/seniority. Please understand this is not personal: we want to build a team that will see everyone on the playing field at least one night a week, but we also build a team that will win.


- A computer capable of handing ten man raiding with minimal add-ons (DBM, Omen, etc.) and Ventrilo without serious lag.
- A reliable, consistent internet connection.
- Arriving to the raid on time and with knowledge of the raid, if available.
- Knowing your role, class, and spec and remaining up-to-date on each.
- Understanding and accepting that you may be rotated out (or in) to a raid for certain class roles.
- The ability to listen to directions and react to fire on the floor.

We raid two to three nights a week from 9PM to 12AM (EST). Beyond that, we also run the weekly up to twice a week, and host arena teams which we highly encourage our raiders to participate in. If there are any old content raids or other events that our guild members want to run, we encourage them to get together and fill any empty calendar days. Here's a rough outline of our schedule by week:

Sunday: Progression Raiding
Monday: Progression Raiding
Tuesday: Open Availability / Arena
Wednesday: Guild Achievements/TRANSMOG BONANZA (9PM - 11PM EST)
Thursday: ---
Friday: ---
Saturday: ---


Loot disbursement is done by a Ni Karma system; a great explanation of NKS can be found here: http://wow.joystiq.com/2010/07/18/nonst ... ow-page-2/.

All of our active raiders are given free and full access to gold for repairs. The guild also provides all flasks, food, gems and enchantments for active raiders.


-1 ranged DPS (non-druid).
-MM hunter preferred, but open to any non-druid (sorry!).

Apply at http://spin.wowstead.com. Any questions can be sent to Heed in-game, or if you prefer email, youthculture@gmail.com.

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