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READ ME: Recruitment -- General Guild Storyline (OOC)

 Post subject: READ ME: Recruitment -- General Guild Storyline (OOC)
PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:17 pm 
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"All of you are mortal, and therefore, you will die. You deserve to die, for you are less than nothing. I invite you then to relinquish your attachments to this world and instead write your name in the sky. I invite you to rend the fabric of the Force itself, for the Force feels nothing but pain. I invite you to spread suffering gladly and make your legacy known throughout the galaxy. I invite you to die in agony so that your death will be spoken of for generations. I invite you to bleed, I invite you to scream, I invite you to kill, I invite you to die: only in your pain will you live forever."

In context, the guild is a small and little-known offshoot of a Sith pain cult in the thrall of a rising Sith lord known only as Solace. Rumours suggest that Solace herself has been dead for months or even years, but the message DO YOU SEEK SOLACE? continues to appear scrawled along alleyways or panning across hijacked holoads across the galaxy.

On the surface, this cult operates as a predominantly Imperial mercenary company driven by the bounty hunter Jack Cody and the freed Rattataki slave Yzahi. On the Republic and neutral sides, the 'guild' is simply a loose network of friends and contacts linked together through the influence of rising cybernetics mogul Jenk Nendo and/or his estranged sister, Adelia, whose connections to the Sith lord Solace are as of yet unknown to them -- or anyone else.

Following the death of Solace and several of her Chosen at the hands of a group of unknown Jedi, Jack Cody's mercenary company has all but disbanded, and the influence of the name Jenk Nendo has only grown. Old enemies resurface to strike at those no longer under the protection of a lord of the Sith. Huttese politics and gangland rivalries interrupt a booming bionics business. Across the galaxy, the remaining members of Solace's cult carry on in secret -- but their success is beginning to falter.


As a final caveat, often, but not always, the tone of our roleplay can be very dark and absolutely will contain adult and often "triggering" themes. We're not so focused on the MUAH HA HA! that we would ever willingly make someone uncomfortable or write their character into any sort of plot that they were not 100% willing to join in on, but please be aware of this and help us help you by making US aware of things that make you uncomfortable.

That being said, all reasonable write-ins and character alignments are welcome.

 Post subject: Re: READ ME: Recruitment -- General Guild Storyline (OOC)
PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:38 am 
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Updated to reflect current story progression, 1/17/13.

EELSGO Once One Ghost Is Eaten No More Can Be

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