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 Post subject: Klue
PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:36 am 

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"Good news, I found my helmet. Bad news, I found my helmet."

Full Name: Klue
Also known as: hey you, get over here, you weirdo.

Biographical Information:

    Class: Bounty Hunter
    Level (if any): 43
    Level of power in character: Fairly competent, good at his job. Vulnerable to head smackings and he's mentally not as fast as other people.

    Race: Chiss
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Age: 23
    Hair: Grey
    Skin: blue
    Eyes: Red
    Height: Five foot eleven and a half
    Weight: 198

    Physical appearance: Average height, average weight, Klue is nothing special, physically. Possessed of no immense strength or intellect, he relies on skills (he doesn't know how he acquired them) and his genial good nature to get by. Shot in the head at fourteen, he has extensive scarring down the right hand side of his face, a myriad of scars all over his body, including a Y incision on his chest. Foxoe's name is carved into the flesh of his upper right arm, his brothers and sister's handprints branded on his back. The scarring on his hands, lower legs and the one underneath his chin are self-inflicted.

    Notable Clothing & Accessories: Red and black armour, full face helmet. A black band he wears around his wrist as of three weeks ago. He won't tell anyone why.
    Notable Armaments: Two blasters, both extensively modified. Often a Horranth he uses to throw at people's faces and let it bite them off.

    Place of Residence: His ship and when he's not there, nar shaddaa or tatooine.
    Place of Birth: Csilla

    Known Relatives: Twell (brother), Sansya (sister)
    Known Allies: Twell, Jituss, Viima, Sansya, Alshain (for the moment), Foxoe, Quocllif.
    Known Enemies: Jack motherfuckin' cody.

    Occupation: Bounty Hunter and new member of Spook and Cody's wee gang.

    History: Born to a Chiss family of some note, he was young when he was shipped off to Intelligence. He bombed out spectacularly by age nine but as the Empire is less likely to waste resources than the Republic, they handed him off to an experimental program testing long range communication implants, among other things. Klue was never very strong, mentally, so he was sent quite mad in short order.

    Then he escaped. He woke up on tattooine with a broken face, bits missing and no memory of any time before he opened his eyes. He spent a while on Tatooine, from the ages of fourteen to nineteen (not that he knows how old he is) working for a Hutt. Got involved with a Chiss woman, the only other one of his kind he ever met and when she left she gave him specific instructions as to where to place the bombs she'd made him.

    He blew up the palace and hi-tailed it out of town with a thousand credits, a stolen ship and no idea of where to go next. He fell into bounty hunting as a backup plan, his obsession with collecting credits linked to his fear of failure so he spent a long time just floating around, doing jobs and making a name for himself, trying to find out who he was and where he'd come from.


    Alignment: Lawful neutral.
    Motivations: Family, friends. His brother. His lover, Foxoe, and the Sith he fell in love with on the side. He does things for other people, not necessarily himself. Mostly because half the time, he doesn't see himself as a person.
    Disposition: Good natured and fairly agreeable, Klue is easy to manipulate if you know the right things to say. He's willing to believe the best of people, which doesn't necessarily do him any favours. He's slowly growing up and out of that at the moment, which is a bit of a shock for him.
    Outlook: Optimistic usually, bleak as of late.

    Religion/Philosophy: He believes in the Force, sure, but he doesn't see any use for it. Any mild force sensitivity he had was blasted out along with bits of his skull.

    Sexuality: Pansexual to the extreme. He'll try anything once.
    Relationship Status:Complicated.

    Positive Personality Traits: Cheerful, fairly biddable, generally good natured. Good sense of humour.
    Negative Personality Traits: Very focused on failure, tantrums if he doesn't succeed, easily jealous and often feels cast aside.
    Other Quirks:


    Guild: SPIN
    Other Faction Associations:

Miscellaneous Information:

    Likes: being useful, having a purpose, his family, his horranth, generally his job.
    Dislikes: being pushed around/having his stupidity pointed out to him.

    Favorite Foods: Anything with a heavy amount of spice in it.
    Favorite Drinks: cola, actually. Nothing alcoholic.

    Hobbies: He like stripping and re-dressing his guns and generally just causing havoc.

OOC & Vanity:

    The Actor That'd Play Them Is: Tom hardy. Whoops.

    Character Images or References:

    Music Links:

    OOC Notes: I'm on Australian western standard time +8gmt.

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