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 Post subject: Surara
PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 2:49 am 

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If you want a truly fair fight you might as well just flip a coin. Just know, I'll probably shoot you while it's in the air.

Full Name: Surara Kha
Also known as: "the Headache"

Biographical Information:

    Class: Commando
    Level of power in character: They don't say she's as tough as nails, they say nails are as tough as her. Physically she's not that impressive, but she makes up for it in endurance and taking a beating. While she's only a decent shot, her true strength is in quickly thinking of unconventional tactics. For a grunt she thinks fast on her feet.

    Race: Zabrak
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: 3675 BBY
    Age: 22
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Dark red
    Eyes: Yellow
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 135

    Physical appearance: If not for her demeanor she'd be quite beautiful. Black tattoos common to her kind trace down along round pleasing face. Her military career has given her an athletic build. She has a large ragged scar running under her chin and around the corner of her mouth. It looks to be made by a lightsaber, and is perhaps the cause for her fairly husky voice.

    Notable Clothing & Accessories: Military issue armor, fatigues, rarely seen in common civilian clothing.
    Notable Armaments: Most commonly seen with a large pulse cannon and an assortment of detonators and grenades.

    Place of Residence: No permanent residence.
    Place of Birth: Iridonia

    Known Relatives: Adoptive parents: Senator Tusrad and Lady Pohrwo There are rumors that her older sister Hlokk may have survived the wars on Iridonia.
    Known Allies: Ghaelen Alshain and the reluctant Ysen.
    Known Enemies: Authority.

    Occupation: Heavy assault Trooper of the Republic army, formerly assigned to the 405th Infantry division.

    History: Her earliest memories are being raised in the wastelands of Iridonia by her older sister. She was told her parents had died in the wars. Starving and exhausted, they were both placed in an over populated orphanage. Shortly afterward a republic senator in a bid to gain support on the war-torn world chose to adopt one of the children. Surara was chosen in a quick decision by the orphanage staff since the only thing the Senator said was "just pick a pretty one." Surara never saw her sister again. Surara soon turned out to be more trouble than she was worth, so she was shipped to a military academy. It was there that she distinguished herself as talented soldier, and an infamous troublemaker. Her military career is marked with more disciplinary action than medals, both of which are large in number.


    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Motivations: Her personal motivations are unclear, however she does have some sense of duty.
    Disposition: She's hard to get along with, irreverent, and brash.
    Outlook: She's convinced she'll die and the bottom of some hole on an unimportant mission that wasn't supposed to be dangerous, her epitaph being a dismissive line on some status report.

    Religion/Philosophy: She does not believe in a fair fight. She doesn't fight with honor or chivalry. She fights to win, that's her job. She is a firm believer in overwhelming force and overkill. Any sacrifice that get's the job done is acceptable. Her superiors liken sending her into a mission is like pulling the pin on a grenade; you better know what you're doing because now SOMETHING is going to explode. She's been under review boards as often as debriefings, and the only reason she's never been discharged or down-right executed is she almost always get's results. When she has a mission, she doesn't turn it off until it's done.

    Sexuality: Bi.
    Relationship Status: None.

    Positive Personality Traits: She's always upfront and honest. Although her tactics have been called cowardly, she has a great respect for brave individuals. Bravery that leads to losing can not be accepted though.
    Negative Personality Traits: She's arrogant and callous. Often times lazy. Loyalty only goes as far as when you are in her way.
    Other Quirks:


    Other Faction Associations:

Miscellaneous Information:

    Likes: Dewbacks.

    Favorite Foods:
    Favorite Drinks: Beer. Lots of very cheap beer.


OOC & Vanity:

    The Actor That'd Play Them Is:

    Character Images or References:

    Music Links:

    OOC Notes:

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