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 Post subject: Lucania
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Snrk--! Agya! Agya gya gya gya!

Full Name: Lucania Valerion
Also known as: Luc

Biographical Information:

Class: Sith Juggernaut
Level (if any): 18
Level of power in character: It fluxuates. Lucania has fantastic potential, but her ability to fight is heavily tied to her mood.

Race: Cyborg
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Month Seven, Day Fourteen
Age: 23
Hair: Dirty Blond
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 01
Weight: 135 lbs

Physical appearance: Lucania was quite pretty once, perhaps--she still has fine, almost delicate features that highlight her good breeding. However, two notable blemishes mar her otherwise pristine features: one is a rough scar slashed down her face, and the other being some rather extensive cybernetics around her right jaw. Neither makes her hideous, per se, but they are difficult to miss.

Notable Clothing & Accessories: She generally wears armor in formal situations, or a black cloak in more casual ones.
Notable Armaments: Her lightsaber is almost always at her hip.

Place of Residence: No current residence.
Place of Birth: Valerion Manor, Kaas City.

Known Relatives: Her mother, a notable Sith Lord known as “The Lady of Whispers.” Christiano Valerion is her fraternal twin brother.
Known Allies: The Valerion family. She has a difficult and complicated relationship with her brother that outsiders have a hard time deciphering.
Known Enemies: Probably a few. She's abrasive like that.

Occupation: Sith.

History: Like Christiano, Lucania's early life is not difficult to discover. She was born into the powerful Valerion family, but unlike her brother, she was extremely Force Sensitive from an early age. There are few relevant records on her until she turns fourteen, where she was sent to train on the Sith Academy on Korriban. The shuttle taking her vanished, however, and she never arrived. Her disappearance had a profound effect on her mother, who used considerable resources to discover her daughter's whereabouts.

Lucania suddenly reenters the records at the age of 18, where she is spotted at Valerion Manor without any explanation as to why. She acquired her cybernetic implants and scars during this time frame, and also developed her considerably warped psyche. The Lady of Whispers kept her close for the next few years, horribly concerned that her daughter might once again vanish, but Lucania refused to stay idle for any longer, survived the Academy, and truly became Sith.


Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Motivations: Lucania is generally driven to go out enjoying herself, or fly into bouts of violence. Generally these mood swings are predictable, and she seems to have some control over them.
Disposition: Irreverent, crass, and self-involved. Enjoys humor, generally at others' expense.
Outlook: Always fiery and passionate. Lucania has strong opinions on most matters.

Religion/Philosophy: Most observers feel as though she lacks the depth to put together a coherent belief system. However, in her infrequent moments of lucidity, she has spoken of violence as an inherent good in the galaxy.

Sexuality: Varies on her whims. She seems to be more concerned about the skills of her partner than their appearance, species, or sex.
Relationship Status: Unattached. Does not value long-term relationships.

Positive Personality Traits: Extremely intelligent. Confident. Self-sufficent.
Negative Personality Traits: Self-centered. Impulsive. Crass. Uncaring of other's needs. Lapses into sociopathic moods.
Other Quirks: Frequently breaks into her horrible, grating laughter: "AGYA GYA GYA GYA!"


Guild: N/A

Miscellaneous Information:

Likes: Violence, hard liquor, nights out
Dislikes: Boredom. Civil discussion. Peace.

Favorite Foods: Steak.
Favorite Drinks: Good alcohol, brandy.


OOC & Vanity:

The Actor That'd Play Them Is:

Character Images or References:

Music Links:

OOC Notes:

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