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 Post subject: Ra'al
PostPosted: Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:22 pm 

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Full Name: Kelland Ra'al
Also known as: Project Break Stop

Biographical Information:

    Class: Sniper
    Level of power in character: Subject is competent with basic military tactics and doctrine, skilled with long range weapons and explosives.

    Race: Chiss
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Blue
    Eyes: Red, no pupil
    Height: 6' 4"
    Weight: 245

    Physical appearance: Subject was chosen in part for large physical stature, key to avoiding many routine altercations. No tattoos, scars, or other distinguishing characteristics. Rigid body posture indicitive of military lifestyle.

    Notable Clothing & Accessories: Favors clean, simple clothing when not on duty.
    Notable Armaments: Carries at all times a slightly modded sniper rifle, to account for increased stature, and vibroknife.

    Place of Residence: Subject currently resides in Intelligence barracks on Drommund Kaas
    Place of Birth: Csilla

    Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Brother, still residing on Csilla
    Known Allies: 125th Infantry Regiment, Alyrian Cody
    Known Enemies: None

    Occupation: Working for Imperial Intelligence, though still technically part of the 125th Infantry Regiment.

    History: Subject distinguished himself in training but was not recommended for OCS or Oprative training due to limited intelligence. Chosen as part of Operation Break Stop due to physical stature, health, loyalty, and ease of manipulation.


    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Motivations: Subject has an intense desire to help others and protect them.
    Disposition: Optimistic to a fault

    Sexuality: Straight
    Relationship Status: Single

    Positive Personality Traits: Helpful, Kind, Optimistic
    Negative Personality Traits: Naive, Dumb, Gullible
    Other Quirks: Subject has almost no ambition to advance his career


    Guild: Spin
    Other Faction Associations: Imperial Military

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