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Jack Morten

 Post subject: Jack Morten
PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:59 pm 

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Full Name: Jack Morten
Also known as: Graeme Glowe (Imperial undercover alias)

Biographical Information:

    Class: Jedi Sentinel [Republic] Imperial Agent [Empire]
    Level (if any): 55*
    Level of power in character: Trained Jedi force sensitive. Familiar with use of various lightsaber forms, most commonly seen practicing 'Ataru' lightsaber combat. Above average aim with blaster pistols. Formidable in unarmed combat.

    Race: Human (Cybernetically Enhanced)
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: [Redacted]
    Age: 35
    Hair: Black, hints of grey
    Skin: White
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 186 lbs, athletic build, strong muscle structure

    Physical appearance: Scarring is never immediately noticeable. Sith lightning burns have long ago faded, faint scars still mark the left side of his collar bone. Faint criss-crossing of blaster burns, shiv wounds and other long sustained injuries litter torso and abdomen. Usually appears stubbled. Normally smells of cigarettes and caff, underlying scent of aftershave. Hints of past stim or spice abuse entry sites in left and right arms. Speaks with a (*Scottish dialect) Imperial accent when moving through Imp space, rarely lets his two identities move in the same territory.

    Notable Clothing & Accessories: Despite being Jedi, he never wears robes. Custom tailored jackets, a silver cigarette case and matching lighter, he tends to dress well and wear fitted outfits. During Combat Operations, his outfit is designed for maximum flexibility, offering underlying protection against blaster bolts without restricting movement. Various cybernetic enhancements - evidence noted from the thin metal attachments running along each side of his jawline.
    Notable Armaments: Two lightsabers usually concealed upon his person at all times. A heavily modified Outrunner's D-88 Blaster Pistol sometimes seen hanging from his hip, or again concealed elsewhere.
    Cybernetic functions: Simple motion interface package built into a Combat implant. Cybernetic commlink/pager.

    Place of Residence: His ship, or provided accomodation on-site for his military operations.
    Place of Birth: Corellia

    Known Relatives: Deceased
    Known Allies: Telulai, Damon Flack, Ralea Vendetta, Tucio Ustus, Captain Gabriel Tuhor.
    Known Enemies: Cipher 15.

    Occupation: Jedi Investigator, works in close contact with SIS. Runs occasional Republic Military jobs, normally special ops support.

    History: [Information Redacted]


    Alignment: Lightside
    Motivations: Doing his duty for the Republic, helping those in need, crippling the Empire's activities, pleasing people, getting to know people, getting to know how people think, and what they are doing and why and how and when.
    Disposition: Flexible. Adapts depending on who he is seeing, and how they are acting. Either comes across as a charismatic yet slightly manipulative gentleman, or a cynical stubborn bastard. Sometimes a mix of the two.
    Outlook: Generally cynical and pessimistic. Keeps the majority of it to himself.

    Religion/Philosophy: Jedi Code

    Sexuality: Claims to be straight.
    Relationship Status: Many and none.

    Positive Personality Traits: Ambitious, determined, loyal, charismatic, intelligent, adaptable.
    Negative Personality Traits: Proud, paranoid, vain, obsessive, quick tempered, occasional recklessness, enjoys violence.
    Other Quirks: Smoking habit, heavy drinker.


    Guild: SPIN
    Other Faction Associations: SIS, Jedi Order, Republic Military.

Miscellaneous Information:

    Likes: Praise, feeling worthwhile, spending time with people, manners, selflessness, critical thinking.
    Dislikes: Materialism, being alone, certain personality quirks that begin to irk him, rudeness, ignorance, dependant people, animals, other people acting upon impulse, disregard for life.

    Favorite Foods: Not picky. Anything goes.
    Favorite Drinks: Alcohol.

    Hobbies: Improving lightsaber techniques, fitness routines, meeting new people.

OOC & Vanity:

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